Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We're family, we're family, we're family....all of us and YOU

Family: These are those who love you despite the extremely stupid things you do, but they do it in a way that is constructive, prudent, and compassionate. When you find yourself in moments of desperate need, helplessness, uncertainty, there is that foundation of people who you turn to in order to get straight. Find that pathway toward greater living and a higher purpose and looking back you'll see your family behind you. They are the ones that give up themselves for your benefit. If it weren't for my family I would be a completely different man and with them I've learned to appreciate the inexplicable acts of selflessness that have been performed on my behalf. Take care of your family. I, being a great sinner myself, have neglected to communicate with my direct family members at times and I feel it deep within myself. There's no excuse with the technology we have today to not be in touch, even if "in touch" means an email once every week or two. Facebook, email, phone calls (heaven forbid!), text messages, pictures, videos, links, social networks, SNAIL MAIL...what's the matter with meaningful communication? Nothing, it's just taken a turn in our society. This is Tyler's vow to be a better communicator, in all facets of his life, starting with family and rounding off with everyone whom I would like to keep in touch with on a regular basis. He will be better, he will be more in tune to the movement of the symphony that started the entire extravaganza, the movement that started with God and family. So, to all of you who read this, take a moment today and write someone an email or a letter and let them know that even though you don't talk to them every day you're still thinking about them often and desire to know how there lives have taken form. Communication is key. Done

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Midnight - Watch Priest on my laptop in the dark at a large church. 2:30 AM - Eat mashed potatoes and chicken leg. 3:00 AM to almost 5:00 AM - rest in my mind. 5:30 AM to 7:15 AM - orchestrate exit of said large church. 8:15 AM - leave work. 9:00 AM - eat sweet & sour chicken with rice and extra sauce. Watch The Mechanic (Jason Statham doing that destroy everyone thing) 11:15 AM - see Jeffrey off before he heads back to the East coast for Christmas. 11:45 AM - return home and eat more Chinese food while starting Priest. NOW - doing something productive, maybe even sleep, and then something entertaining. Today WILL be a good day. Can you feel it? Only days until Christmas so get your JOY on! I hope that you all have glorious, and I mean GLORY-YES, holidays!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's that time of year again!

Well, it's the most wonderful time of year...again. And do you know why it is the most wonderful time of year? Because of Christmas (wow, aren't you glad you logged onto your computer to read me telling you exactly what you already know?) ! I find this a festive season because it makes people realize that they're wanting to give something to someone else, even it's just a bumper sticker or a warmer, more sincere hug than usual. GIVING! Ah, I enjoy it as much as anyone else and am glad to do it when I can. Of course, "in these tough economic times", I'm more inclined to give someone a real hug than a bow-tied Lexus. (See my bank account for reasons why the bow-tie Lexus is not happening this year). When people I know to be loving, caring souls do more than they usually do for the sake of the holiday season it warms me. Yes, like melted butter it warms me. Who cares about consumerism? If people want to spend their money on useless junk then, by all means, spend spend spend. Now, if you've ever had a conversation with me about the consumer mindset of many people these days (and I don't mean extravagance, merely the thought that something bought is something gained or something bought is better than mere conversation - "Let's go out", "Let's see a movie", "Let's go to the mall"), you'll know that I don't really think it's a great idea. Well, here's the turn around. SPEND YOUR MONEY, PEOPLE! If more people spend money, more people earn money, and more people see the wealth that could be spread around and not hoarded in a vault somewhere. Support your local economy and buy things that people you know, or know of, or don't know but live in the same region as you, have put effort into creating for the benefit of there buyers and acquaintances. Why not, right? Who doesn't want the community they live in to be prosperous? I do. I like the community mentality and support it wholeheartedly. Give it up to the little man! You should see my apartment. A few strings of lights, too many sugar-filled treats on the table, and building holiday tension fill the walls that make up my home. I like it. The cold weather gives me an excuse to drink more coffee, tea, hot chocolate and the like, as well as eat more, exercise more (ha! I should, right?), and even do something nice for my friends. It's good to be in the season. Blogs are funny in that "people are reading whatever I write" way. Hey you, thanks for reading. Summation: GIVE GET INTO THE HOLIDAYS SPEND ...America

Sunday, December 11, 2011

2 AM churches

There's something entrancing about a church building at 2 AM. Since every building is different, and for predominantly preferential reasons, it creates fun environments to roam around in when I'm not asleep at work, which I'm not supposed to be anyway and therefore find myself walking around to stay awake during my shift. It's always fun to find food left for me and drink as many different hot drinks as I can while wandering. This time to myself whilst everyone else is sleeping gives me is the opportune time to read a good book and I've just finished The Golden Compass. Was it really worth all that hype? Perhaps the next two books in the series will expand upon the "anti-God" sentiment in more detail. Good fantasy, at least. Well, last night was quiet, minus the snoring and rousing rustles of bodies turning over or getting up to go to the bathroom, and this morning was smooth as basted butterball turkey. Despite the extremely old, slow, irritatingly inefficient coffee maker, we survived the morning and all parties are prepared, as much as they can be, for another day. This afternoon is the Hospitality House Christmas party and I'm looking forward to getting to know all the staff a little bit better in a social environment. The bus is bringing over the guests so it should prove to be a raucous good time. I hope for you, my one of very few readers, that today, Sunday the 11th of December in the year of our Lord 2011, proves to be better than you anticipate and more ripe than rotten. I'm going to watch some online videos then go to church. Woop! Peace outz!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Today I start my exams for Sierra College. Although I feel less than prepared for one of my exams, it should turn out alright. Not being a conventional student and choosing the path I have has made me really assess the educational system (from a Junior College perspective). It's sad that college seems to be an extension of high school in many ways. As if it's intended to merely be a further education and not necessarily a higher education. I wrote about the Ghidotti Early College High School program that runs out of the Sierra College Nevada County Campus where I attend and heard something that amused me from a friend yesterday that should be shared. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the Ghidotti presence at Sierra College, though I commend them for the effort and opportunity they have and what they are doing with it. A friend of mine who works at a spa worked on a girl from the Ghidotti program and she asked her how she liked it. The students response was only this, "I don't think the college students like us very much." It's safe to conclude that I'm not the only one who has blatantly ignored the juvenile antics of these youngsters or said something out loud at some point that expresses some sort of disappointment in the social maturity level on campus. This is alright, people have the "right" to say whatever they want, as long as it's within the boundaries of being PC or, Lord knows, it might offend someone. There's no real point to this post apart from me rounding the corner on feeling like it hasn't been expressed how the Ghidotti program affects 'campus life' at Sierra College. I wish all those kids the best and may the pursue a career swiftly, attain grandiose paychecks, spend money as often as they can, and help sustain the economy by consuming some of the slack that those who have had to budget tighter and tighter could no longer pick up. Spend your money rich people; we need to spread out the wealth because we all know that printing more bills isn't a solution to anything.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Yes, it was my idea to go to the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night, but it was for the midnight experience not the actual movie. Since I'm entitled to my opinion... it sucked. A vampire marries a human in a romantic, dramatic, over-the-top way and it all goes crazy. Since the baby is an abomination (it would be anyway, since it's Robert Pattinson's) the wolves are in a uproar and the bloodsuckers are thirsty with anticipation as the lil freak comes to life. Wow...can you make it any more cheesy, though? Whoever wrote the script, and please don't comment and tell me because it's best that I don't know who it is, needs some depth, but I fear you couldn't get and deeper in that movie with a backhoe. Shallow, shallow, shallow is the word that comes to mind. Not all of my movies/shows/books are high quality, but I'm extremely disappointed in the masses of people who "love" this series. Got a good laugh, a good chuckle at the wrong places, a plastered passive face for a long time, and pure exhaustion out of it. The important thing is, and this is the real reason I wanted to go last night, that I now have bonded with my housemates. Nothing brings people together like utterly ridiculous entertainment. Thank's all I can muster...thank you...
Another day in paradise... Well, it IS another day in "paradise", in the sense that I'm still blessed, I'm still making personal breakthroughs, and I'm still breathing. This semester has been a real challenge on a personal inner level and I can't quite grasp all of the reasons for it. The ones I do know aren't easily related on a public blog and even if they were it wouldn't matter to anyone that much because firstly, there's nothing anyone else can do to help or hinder, and secondly, there's no reason to share the innermost thoughts of my heart with the world. BUT, the point is that I'm happy to be alive. There's a purpose and I can't believe that I have the life I do. There are a million things I don't have that I "could", but I don't and I don't need them. What I have is what I need and simple living is great. There's not a whole lot that I need on a basic survival level and I'm glad that I don't. It's not a big deal to me to not have the excess luxuries that are available because there's greater meaning in life that the physically attainable. I encourage you, my readers (or reader, I don't know how many people actually read this beside my mother - hi mom!), to keep your heads up and be content. If you're not content, and I find myself struggling with this on a daily basis even though I'm aware of the blessings that surround me, STRIVE for contentment. "May the odds be ever in your favor"